Our heritage pigs have become an essential part of our farming system. We believe mixed animal and vegetable farms more closely mimic a natural ecosystem. Our farm is in its early stages, and we are still developing more land for future vegetable production. The pigs are perfect at preparing land for vegetables by rooting and tilling the soil for us! 


Our pigs are incredibly tasty, well marbled and we believe the great flavour comes from providing them with a diversified diet of pasture, certified organic grains, organic spent distillery grains, a variety of vegetable scraps, fruit and even their favourite snack of hard-boiled eggs.


Our pork can be purchased in the fall as either variety packs or individual cuts. Contact us for details if you would like to purchase a side of pork. A $100 (non-refundable) deposit is required for securing your side.


  • Pigs raised outdoors are rich in vitamin D

  • Higher omega 3’s than conventionally raised pork

  • No antibiotics or growth hormones

  • Heritage breeds

  • Sunshine, pasture and low stress environment = tastier pork!

  • All feed is certified organic