• Free range 

  • All feed sources are 100% certified organic (no fungicides, pesticides or herbicides)

  • No GMO’s

  • No antibiotics 


We raise certified organic laying hens and broiler chickens. Our well-loved chickens provide us and our customers with tasty and nutritious eggs and meat. 


We sell our eggs at the farmers market and through our CSA box program but the majority are sold through our honour-system egg cart located at the end of our driveway. We love that our customers can purchase our eggs anytime, whether it’s on their way back from biking or skiing on Mt. Macpherson or when they realise they are out of eggs in the early morning before making that special breakfast. 


Every summer we raise two batches of Mistral Gris roasting chickens, a variety that is slower growing than commercial varieties. The birds are healthier, love the outdoors and have natural behaviours like scratching and foraging, unlike modern varieties bred for high feed to meat conversion ratio. We only raise broilers in the summer to ensure that they can enjoy their entire life on grass.