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Nature knows best! We believe good soil management is the foundation of organic farming. Our mantra is feed the soil not the plant. 

By maintaining healthy soils we are able to preserve this sensitive ecosystem that is alive and teeming with life. Our soil management consists of recycling plant residue, mixed plant and animal farming, the use of cover crops, symbiotically designed crop rotation and adding minerals in their most natural form. Soil fertility in nature is maintained and renewed by recycling plant and animal residue.


Meet Terra and Rob, a dynamic farming duo who are passionate about growing high-quality, nourishing food for their community.


Terra's studies in holistic nutrition have given her a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of different systems within the farm, which greatly influenced her perspective on farming. She has been cultivating a small vegetable garden for years and has realized that this is the kind of meaningful work she wants to pursue as a career.

Rob's background as a ticketed millwright and welder has been an invaluable asset to the farm. His expertise in these areas has allowed him to build and repair equipment, as well as implement new systems that improve efficiency and productivity. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the farm and is dedicated to producing the best quality products for their customers.

Their passion for farming only increased when they met each other, and together they embarked on a journey to establish their own farm. Initially, they started small with a flock of chickens and a few turkeys, but over time, the farm has grown to encompass several acres of vegetables and other crops. They both believe that food not only nourishes us but also brings people together. They are deeply committed to growing high-quality vegetables and find inspiration for their cooking in their beauty. They invite you to come and visit their farm and taste the fruits of their labor.

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