Nature knows best! We believe good soil management is the foundation of organic farming. Our mantra is feed the soil not the plant. 

By maintaining healthy soils we are able to preserve this sensitive ecosystem that is alive and teeming with life. Our soil management consists of recycling plant residue, mixed plant and animal farming, the use of cover crops, symbiotically designed crop rotation and adding minerals in their most natural form. Soil fertility in nature is maintained and renewed by recycling plant and animal residue.


Terra’s studies in holistic nutrition influenced her perspective on farming, giving her a better understanding of the farm as a whole and the symbiotic relationships between each system. After many years of growing a small vegetable garden, she knew this was the meaningful work she wanted to do as a career.


Her love for growing vegetables integrated beautifully with Rob’s desire to raise healthy ethical meat. Her happiest place is weeding in the solitude of the farm. She believes food not only nourishes us but brings people together. She is passionate about growing beautiful vegetables and loves the inspiration they provide her in the kitchen.


Rob’s passion for farming stems from his childhood summers spent on his relatives' farms. From a young age, alongside his cousins, he was helping out doing age-appropriate tasks but never would he have dreamt that this is what his future would hold. At a later age he became enthusiastic about good food, and after meeting his partner Terra, farming just naturally fell into place.


In the beginning, it was not as easy to source high-quality, ethical meat as it is now, so he decided to raise his own. It all started with a flock of chickens and a few turkeys and now has expanded to several acres of vegetables and livestock. His training as a ticketed millwright and welder has become invaluable skills on the farm as he can pretty much build anything, fix anything and is continually improving efficiencies on the farm.