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Nature knows best! We believe good soil management is the foundation of organic farming. Our mantra is feed the soil not the plant. 

By maintaining healthy soils we are able to preserve this sensitive ecosystem that is alive and teeming with life. Our soil management consists of recycling plant residue, mixed plant and animal farming, the use of cover crops, symbiotically designed crop rotation and adding minerals in their most natural form. Soil fertility in nature is maintained and renewed by recycling plant and animal residue.


"Terra Firma" is a Latin phrase that translates to "solid earth" or "firm ground." It refers to dry land as opposed to water or air, emphasizing stability and solidity.


When deciding to name our farm "Terra Firma," the choice resonated on multiple levels. Firstly, the term itself encapsulates our deep respect and passion for the earth beneath our feet. We understand that healthy, vibrant soil is the foundation of sustainable agriculture. Our commitment to nurturing the soil through organic practices, crop rotation, and natural fertilizers reflects our dedication to the land that sustains us. Furthermore, the name also holds personal significance as "Terra" is not only a nod to the earth we cherish but also mirrors one of our own names, symbolizing a personal connection and responsibility towards the land we tend. Our journey with Terra Firma Farms is a testament to our belief in working harmoniously with nature, fostering a thriving ecosystem where plants, animals, and humans can flourish together.

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