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We understand that not everyone wants to commit to a full CSA program, which is why we're also offering a farm share card as an alternative. This option allows you to choose your own veggies at the market or farmstand while still supporting our farm. This is a great option for those who have their own gardens, are picky eaters, or are away often during the summer. When you purchase a farm share card, you'll receive weekly fresh sheets with the items available at the farm stand. Cards can be picked up at the first summer farmers market or farm stand. 


Farm share members receive a 5-10% discount on their cards: a 5% discount for cards ranging from $300-$400, an 8% discount on $500-$600 cards, and a 10% discount for cards ranging from $700-$800. For example, if you choose a $500 card, you would pay $460 and receive $500 to spend on veggies at our farm stand or market.

Sold Out for 2024

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